Hi there. My name is Mike Stefanik. I live in Austin and I’m the creator of the Austin Events wall calendar.

I look like this:


Way back in the 1900’s, the calendar started life as a spreadsheet made for tracking events that I kept missing every year.

For a few years I shared it with friends and then in 2006 I decided to experiment with a full size wall calendar that I would sell to the public.

Unlike almost all other sources of things to do, the calendar is ad-free. Our sole focus is helping YOU - the person looking for ways to connect with Austin.

And I think people appreciate a little less advertising in their lives sometimes.

I work with a great bunch of people, many of whom have been with me for over a decade. They look like this:


The great team I work with also looks all over for great photos to include for you. Because we want you to hang it on your wall and be reminded of how Awesome Austin is - daily.

The one weak spot on my team is my marketing department.

They mean well, but I spend a lot of time making sure they don’t talk about boring stuff like making sales.

I wish they would just talk about how awesome you are.

The marketing team looks like this:


We have many fun adventures together in my email newsletter.


Don’t believe them. They are marketing people and they like to make stuff up.

If you want to see more of how they like to have fun with me, read the newsletter archive.